May 2019

Our piano school moves to new place (French Riviera location)

This year our main piano school moves to new place, from Nice (06000) to Colle-sur-Loup (06480)

As you know last year we open a new piano school in Valbonne -Mouans-Sartoux (06560 FRANCE) location (close to Sophia-Antipolis). Only some possibilities still open for enrolments, if you are interested you can contact us here ( all classes are in French) : https://www.coursdepianonice.fr/valbonne.html

Starting from September 2019 we will be able to propose services in both schools. In the mean time you can participate to our summer internships (please, click on the link to new more):


Our services :

  • We offer classical piano lessons for you or your child
  • We can help you prepare a competition or enter the conservatory in piano class
  • We can help you if you are not comfortable with deciphering or keyboard technique
  • We will explain how to read notes quickly and in a good way
  • We offer private piano lessons, in mini-group or internships
  • We use a classical piano method that allows to learn piano and solfeggio
May 2018

New piano lessons in our programm : Gymnopedie No1 Eric Satie

Who is Erik Satie?

At the beginning of May 2018, we propose you a new series of 8 piano lessons (of which 5 already published) for our French students. The Gymnopedia No. 1 E.Satie (intermediate level). Satie is a French pianist and composer best known to the general public as author of three Gymnopédies and Gnossiennes. Satie said and did a lot of remarkable things, even remarkably weird ones. Brilliant and provocative, he composes works ranging from ditty songs to symphonic drama, from light music to masterpieces. At the beginning of his career he presented himself as a "gymnopedist", a strange name that impresses ... Shortly after, the term would reappear under the name "Gymnopédies", in the name of three simple and haunting melodies that will inspire dozens music lovers, filmmakers and advertisers in the next two centuries. Satie was seen as the precursor of symbolism, this pianist was also recognized as the initiator of various movements, but ultimately his style is considered original and unclassifiable nowadays.

For contemporary musicians, Erik Satie is undoubtedly one of the architects of modern music. Could this be a definition of gymnopedist?

Mar 2018

Beethoven: his life and destiny at the heart of the Pathetic sonata, CERN concert 2018

Frédéric Bernachon proposes to explain with the help of the piano the tragedy of Beethoven, as he transmitted it in his musical heritage. The listeners live live the confit with the destiny, the suspense, the drama and the big questions of Ludwig van Beethoven.

After having given the keys to listen to the Pathetic Sonata with an alert ear, Frédéric Bernachon will perform this unique piece in which Beethoven chooses to entrust us with the rich and powerful range of his emotions.

Duration: 60-90 minutes.

Free admission, concert followed by a cocktail. External visitors, please contact the Staff Association to obtain an access card: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +41 22 76 63738

For more information about the Bernachon Method: www.methode-bernachon.fr

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Mar 2017

Our new student's booklet "To start or re-start piano for adult"

Since March 2017 our French students have new tool which help to start piano with our course: "Student's Booklet". Available for all students and free, it has important chapters like : how to start piano, how to practice solfeggio and sight reading, how to practice piano and perform piano exercices, the rythm as well as our sight reading, and piano sheets exercices. It also has a chapter concerning our program and interest of our musical pieces in piano learning.

Coming soon for our English students also.

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