Piano lessons online - for who ?

Who are our students ?

Beginner (0 to 3 years of piano)

There are currently three series at this level English course has more than 60  lessons ( five series and 100 lessons in French version ).  We recommend to study approximativly 1 lesson per week or 40 lessons per year if the student start without having any expirience in piano. No previous musical experience is needed to start the first series. The piano courses are complete and self-sufficient. On the other hand, for students who already have a private teacher or have been enrolled in an academy, piano class, or a music school, these piano lessons will be an excellent complement to the alredy existing musical training. Note that a motivated student having completed the first and second series of our courses will have at least the same level of piano as an academy student (concervatoire)  at the end of their first year.

The first and second series of beginner level piano courses on our site contain 53 progressive courses and apply to beginner, adult, students as well as children and teenagers (from 11-12 years old). The third and fourth series are more complex and are primarily dedicated to pieces by Schumann, Chopin, Handel, Franck, Clementi, Telemann, and Bach. At this level (after 8-9 months of piano) a student can truly express themselves with the piano and enjoy themselves by learning well-known classical pieces. Series five is like an exam for students at this level. This series is shared between the beginner and intermediate levels.

Our piano lessons are designed to be completed within a week. You can proceed faster or slower depending upon your availability and your comprehension. The first 25 lessons are based upon the understanding of notes and deciphering. During this period, thanks to exercises especially adapted for beginners, student will familiarise himself with the piano keyboard. The first 50 lessons are general and meant for all piano styles (suitable to start jazz or modern music), and allow you to acquire a solid foundation to read music and learn the correct piano techniques. The rest of the lessons are oriented toward classical piano.

Intermediate level/confirmed students (from 2-3 years of piano)

This level is composed of a short learning series (10 lessons, currently in production) and lessons that focus on the pieces of different classical piano composers: Mozart, Bach, Beethoven and Handel. As a general rule of thumb, learning great pieces is constructed in this manner: deciphering, technical exercises and interpretation. The interpretation lessons are an indication of practice: each student will integrate these concepts based upon his/her own musical and artistic perception. Even though these lessons are found in the intermediate level, some explanations are academy graduate level.

Courses currently available in French:

Piano course: Turkish March, Mozart

Piano course: Fur Elise, Beethoven

Piano course: Piano Sonata No. 16, Mozart

Piano course: Passacaglia, Handel

Piano course: Handel’s Sarabande

Piano course: Bach’s Invention No. 1

Piano course: Chopin, Nocturne 20

Music theory: Advanced note reading, courses 1 to 19


Advanced level/Interpretive course (5-6 years of piano)

This level contains a 19-lesson series of “Reading Music” and two mini-series of classical piano lessons based upon piano pieces for advanced-level students:

- Bach’s Italian Concerto

- Chopin Ballade No. 4

The series "Reading Music" focuses upon improved note reading speed and comprehension. It is advised to not proceed on to the following lesson until the previous one has been perfectly mastered. It’s a series of lessons designed to provide note reading support to mid and superior level academy students and for those preparing for competitions.


Classical piano Internships in Nice, France (only in French)

Our summer courses are for all levels, they are organised by Frédéric Bernachon and take place in July and February.

Questions and reservation fro internships here