Our piano course

Intermediate and advanced level

*Theses courses are not available in English

On our site, the intermédiate in piano is reserved for students with more than 3 years and the advanced course in piano is reserved for students with more than 6 years of classical piano, advanced students at conservatories, etc. Theses levels includes both piano lessons and sight-reading lessons, it has more then 100 piano lessons. Among others, we propose the most full version of Moonlight Sonata, 38 detailed lessons.

Piano course: Turkish March, Mozart

Piano course: Fur Elise, Beethoven

Piano course: Moonlight Sonata, Beethoven

Piano course: Piano Sonata No. 16, Mozart

Piano course: Passacaglia, Handel

Piano course: Handel’s Sarabande

Piano course: Bach’s Invention No. 1

Piano course: Chopin, Nocturne 20

Solfeggio lessons: 19 advanced lessons in reading music

Piano lessons:  Chopin’s 4th Étude,  7 lessons

Piano lessons:  Bach’s Italian Concerto, 4 lessons (deciphering only)

 Below we invite you to view four of our videos, including 2 piano lessons:

Exemple of a sight-reading course                                

Chopin’s 4th Étude piano lesson n°1                    


Chopin’s 4th Étude, interpretation by Frédéric Bernachon