Online piano classes – Frequently Asked  Questions

How to learn to play piano with us


Question 1:  For subscription without a time commitment (monthly renewval), how does it work?

Answer: It’s an automatic monthly payment, which allows you to suspend or cancel your subscription at any time. The cancellation request must be initiated 5 days before the end of your subscription month if you want us to do it. For that you can send your request directly via our contact form or simply by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Alternately you can process the cancellation yourself without waiting (immediate cancellation) while logged into your PayPal account (log in/preferences/ more options/my money/my pre-approved payments/update).


Question 2:  For the only solfeggio subscription  (monthly renewval), how does it work?

Answer: You have acces to our solfeggio applications : Solf'APLY and Solf'MEMO and can train youself anytime you want, you also have acces to some video lessons;  as lessons 1 to 17 from 1st series, mostly dedicated to solfeggio learning.


Question  3For the monthly subscription of £16.50 euros per month, is it a calendar month or a mobile month?
Answer: It’s a rolling (or mobile) month.  For example: if you subscribe on the 9th of the month, your subscription on the monthly plan will be active until the 8th of the following month.

Question 4:  Is there another method of payment?

Answer: Yes, by bank transfert, but we suggest that you pay for at least 2 months, since the process is much longer than paying via the internet. This ensures that your learning will not be interrupted. It is necessary to create your account before doing it.  French customers (only) can send us a check (French one only). You can send your check to the following address:

343 chem. des Rouberts
06480 La Colle sur Loup , FRANCE
The amount of your check should correspond to the monthly price in € (19,90 €) multiplied by the number of months desired, Ex : 19,90€  times 2 months = 39,80€
Don’t forget to indicate the level that you would like to take, your email address, the username of your account so that your subscription can be activated with a minimum of delay.

Question  5:  Is registration free? Is it necessary?

Answer: Yes, registration is free and it is necessary for creating your account. Just click on the link SUBSCRIBE, choose a username and a password. After having created an account, you can access the subscription, based on the choice of our level (there are three levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced). Before subscribing, please consult the list of available lessons.


Question  6:  I have created an account but I never received the activation message. Why?

Answer: The activation message is immediately sent upon the creation of your account, automatically by the site. For this reason, it often gets sent to the “spam” or “unwanted email” folder. Please check in these folders. If you have not received the messages within 30 minutes following the creation of your account, it is possible that there was an anomaly and that your account has not been created (please start over or send us an email).

Question 7:  I would like to give your course as a gift, how can I do that?

Answer: You have two choices. You could:

-   create an account in the name of the person to whom you wish to  give the lessons and pay for the subscription with your bank card or by bank transfer.

-   or create an account without setting the subscription and send us a check, indicating how many months you would like to give. Upon receiving your check, we will activate the subscription for the account (only for French customers).

Question 8:  I have already signed up, how can I subscribe or resubscribe?
Answer: To subscribe or resubscribe, go to MY ACCOUNT then choose the desired class level, then click SUBSCRIBE, you need only complete the form with your bank details.

Question 9:  I have already subscribed to a level, can I subscribe to an additional one?

Answer: Yes.  To subscribe to an additional level, go to MY ACCOUNT then choose the second desired class level, then click SUBSCRIBE.

Question 10:  With my monthly subscription, what do I have access to? How many classes and at what level?

Answer: You have access to all the classes that are online line within the same level (for example: the beginner’s level of our piano course consists of several series all accessible with the same subscription).   It’s up to you to select your starting level and the level that you wish to achieve. At each update, further courses are added, free of charge, in addition to the ones you already have access to. As long as you are subscribed you will have access to all the courses of the same level without any limit on viewing time.


Question 11:  What technical configuration is needed?
Answer: To be able to watch the online piano courses it is necessary to have a high-speed internet connection with a minimum of 512Kb download.


Question 12:  Can I view the lessons with a low-speed internet connection?
Answer: Yes, but you must  must chose "HD is off" at the left corner of our player. You can also preload the course as shown in the image below. Before watching the film, press start and then push the “pause” button and wait for the film to be loaded into memory. Some minutes later (when the grey band at the bottom of the reader is complete you can start to watch the film without having pauses during it. The grey band at the bottom of the reader will indicate if your lesson is completely loaded and then you can watch it without interruption.

piano lessons online

Some piano lessons are very long, around 35- 40 minutes. It is normal for the download of these lessons to take a certain amount of time and this depends on the quality of your internet connection. Even with a good internet speed several minutes will be needed for completely charging it. We suggest that you test your internet speed in real-time: you can do a test with this tool: To be able to watch the lessons correctly, you need at least 512Kb of speed incoming.


Question 13: Can I watch the piano classes on my iPad?
 Yes. No additional installation is needed because the video reader is already integrated on iPads and Macs. The same situation for Macs, however check to have uptaded Safary browser.

Question 14:  Can I watch the piano classes or use your apps on my tablet, which uses the Android operating system?
 You can watch the courses from your Android tablet any). Please, notice often these tablets are not very powerful and downloading the courses will not be very fast. On the most of the common model of Andoid and Windows tablets you can also use our online apps ( Solf'APLY or Solf'MEMO). In case if you use rare or old model, we cannot garanty the functioning of solfeggio application, so please, ask us for 1 day trial before subscribe.


Question 15:  What should I do if I encounter a technical problem in viewing?

Answer: When writing with a technical problem, send us the configuration of your computer: Mac or PC, operating system, web browser, and internet service provider to the address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   We will proceed to verify the problem. You can also check our page on technical problems.


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