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How does the online piano course work?

Each piano lesson is in video format and you can watch it as many times as you want in your subscription area. Lessons are numbered chronologically within each series. The professor shows and explains the exercises to do, then guides you in your practice. The piano course and the sight-reading course are done in this way so that at each moment of your practice you are accompanied by the professor and his voice.

Each piano lesson is around 30 minutes long and should take around a week’s practice. Certain lessons are more complex than others and will demand more effort and time from you. Of course, the time for working on each lesson is indicative and depends on your availability.

Each piano lesson consists of different chapters, generally three per lesson. From time to time these chapters will demand less or no work from you, as for example the chapter “Music writing”. Meanwhile, the repeated chapters such as “Notes reading”, “Technique exercises”, “Piano exercises”, “and of course, “Work on piano piece” will require significant practice time. It will be necessary to watch these chapters of the piano lesson several times before getting the desired results.

 The piano lessons are complete and you will not need any other documents. For students who would like printed copies, you can download the scores and the exercises for each lesson online in PDF format in the “subscriber’s area”.

How often do you recommend taking piano lessons?

For the beginner’s level we recommend taking around 4 piano lessons each month—1 lesson each week. You can advance more or less quickly based on your availability. If you have already played piano previously, it is possible to start with lessons in the middle of the series. Check, however, that you can follow the reading of notes, as this exercise is very important: it will permit you to correctly read scores. Here is an article we wrote which may interest you: click here

 Any advice for taking the solfeggio (notes reading)  lessons for piano?

Try to read the notes just before listening to the professor’s voice, and not just after. Otherwise, you only repeat the note and you will not start to memorize them. We advise that you do not go to the next lesson until you have perfectly assimilated the previous lesson.

 Necessary configuration:

High-speed Internet access: ADSL or equivalent with at least 512Kb down.

 Web browser: Internet Explorer v6 or higher, Firefox v2-v3 or higher, Safari v3.2 or higher.

 Flash Player: Adobe Flash Player, preferably the latest version (downloadable from  Adobe )

For Mac’s and iPad’s, there is nothing to install as this is already configured.


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