Classical piano course for itermediate students

How to play piano : Beethoven "Fur Elise"

*Course available only in French

Piano lesson number 1, Fur Elise :


"Für Elise" by Beethoven is a musical piece in A minor. We offer a series of 7 piano lessons fully explaining this composition, more than 50 different videos grouped together in two and half hours of piano lessons concerning this work of Beethoven, Für Elise. The piano lessons involve different parts: decoding, working with the pedal, working with the metronome, speed and acceleration, interpretation and nuances. This series of piano lessons is intended for intermediate students.

Piano lessons numbers 1 to 4 are lessons of decryption and technical exercises. The number 5 is a piano lesson course on speed: you will learn by gradually accelerating. Piano lessons 6 and 7 are interpreting "Für Elise".

On this page you will find piano lessons 1 and 7 (The first and last course of this series, and the interpretation of Frederic Bernachon)


Piano lesson number 7, Fur Elise :


Fur Elise, Interpretation by Frédéric Bernachon :