Classical piano course for itermediate students

How to play piano : Handel's Sarabande

*Course available only in French

On our site we offer a series of piano lessons on Handel’s Sarabande, consisting of 7 lessons. These seven piano lessons represent two hours of explanation about piano and about the score. The seven piano lessons on Handel’s Sarabande are already available for students at the intermediate level. Lesson number 7 is the about interpretation. On the below page, we offer you to hear the interpretation of this piece for piano:

Handel’s Sarabande is a work of classical piano written by Handel between 1703 and 1706.

This piece is the 4th movement of the Cette pièce est le quatrième mouvement de la Suite in G minor composed for the harpsichord. Although the Sarabande was originally intended by its composer to be played solo on harpsichord, the orchestral version of the Sarabande is very well known these days thanks to the Barry Lyndon film. Moreover, the Sarabande is beloved by filmmakers and has been adapted several times for various films.