The Bernachon classical piano method

 How we teach the piano ?


Independence of hands in the piano learning

The subtlety, the emotion, and the beauty of the piano are dependant from the pianist’s ability to use each hand independently (but not only) of one another, with both rhythm and harmony, simultaneously. This is why it is very important to play with both hands together from the start.  Frédéric Bernachon’s piano method is based on developing coordination and independence between the hands. As soon as the students start their first lessons, they learn to develop this control.


Learning solfeggio or sight reading

Everyone would like to do without it, but no musician can escape it. Imagine an actor who can’t recognize the alphabet, or a mathematician who doesn’t understand numbers! Should we be afraid of it and why?

Music theory itself is quite complex. Each musician must be able to draw from this topic the relevant part for his instrument. A percussionist specialises in rhythm, a singer or violinist must focus on the pitch and the tone of notes. To play the piano, you must address the problem of simultaneously reading two clefs, the bass (F) and treble clef (G). When reading these clefs, it should always be done from bass to treble (bottom to top).

The Bernachon piano method is distinguished by its realistic approach to sight-reading. You only learn the part needed for the piano – and that’s quite fast, three months! You will take in the essential parts, in a compact and lasting manner. This piano method will not avoid, but offer you a sight-reading technique that will not limit you in your musical progression, and will allow those of you who continue on at a higher level, to be completely free in your understanding of any score. In addition to this, you will have at your disposal memorisation exercises that will simplify your work and help you with your piano course.


Finger techniques for learning piano

The magic of piano rests in the fact that it is possible to produce a nearly infinite number of sounds with a single touch of a finger. The purpose of this technique in your piano course is to teach each finger to respond perfectly to our musical intentions. The more that we work our fingers, the stronger and more flexible that they become. Each one is important, the left hand as well as the right hand. We are no longer left- or right-handed. This is the reason that it is indispensible to do technique exercises. They are “gymnastics” for the piano and also for learning piano. Piano technique is about developing total mastery of your fingers. Frédéric Bernachon’s piano method offers you a unique range of technical exercises for piano.