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The site have been open to the French public for more than eight years (2011) , and starting from April last year it is open for english-speaking students ( in English and with English notation: A, B, C, D, E, F and G): and we hope that you will be a lot to join our concept of online piano lessons. This is why  this page existe and hope to share with  our visitors your opinion, your wishes and your appreciation regarding our piano method in English version. All these messages are very valuable to us. The Bernachon method is constantly improving and we consider each mail we receive. Do not hesitate to contact us and express yourself. We are waiting very much your opinion in English !
Some of our French students testimonials shared with you on this page.
We also asked third party,  "Avis verifiés"  to collect our students opinions, you can consult them by clicking the link on the right side of this page.

Hello Mr. Bernachon, from T *** (internship 11 - 15 February 2019) ........
I wanted to thank you for your patience and kindness for the internship I did at home.
Internship that was very instructive and very informative ..... I practice in a diligent way all that you taught me .....
I will not fail to recommend to anyone interested in an intensive piano course ......
I hope soon to be able to repeat this experience again .....
Best regards ...... T.L.
Received March 6, 2019
Good evening,
I particularly appreciate your method, I am registered since June 2018. Every day, when I practice, it is a moment of rejoicing and appeasement. I gladly talk to my relatives about your method which is for me a great adventure. My sister E. .. has been convinced and should register ....
What do you think ?
With kind regards, R. P.

Received 31st January 2019
Hello, Thank you for your clear and precise explanations. I am currently enrolled in music school for weekly piano lessons, (and I am 66 years old!) But I will think of you in the future; in fact, music school lessons are a little frustrating because they only last half an hour and I feel I receive less advice than with the test course I followed from Mr Bernachon (the Turkish March). I hope that all the other courses of your method are as well done! Thank you again for taking the time to answer me.
Cordially. Mr. V.
received on December 4, 2018
Your method is just great! This is the method I've been dreaming of forever. I warmly recommend it to my family and friends.
Congratulations and congratulations to the designer.

Received June 26, 2018
First of all, a big thank you for the method, it's really a great product, I'm already starting to see progress and above all it's a great pleasure to work I talk about the music theory part because I took on me do not work the piano for a year or two to do just music theory, (because I drooled too much not to read ...) in short I already see that I will be limited by the level you propose beginners and so I think I will switch to the subscription to the year that will allow me to receive all courses in music theory.
Following your advice, I started with a one month subscription ... which I am delighted. I just cancel the monthly subscription with Paypal, and I will take an annual formula at the end of the period. You were right, the beginner level "final" is very high and requires a lot of investment ... and I hope to move forward. But what is great in your method is that it is for adults, and that it feels ... We do not learn at 40 (or 50 or 60 ...) as at 10 It's extremely well thought out, thoughtful, and you usually have the words that match our expectations and the answers that fit our questions ... Well done ...
Sincerely, C.G.

Received October 18, 2017
Hello everyone. I just received the students booklet in question. It is obviously very well done and of a high quality. It is a simple, practical tool that we can share around us to discover your site and the first steps towards this excellent method.

Best regards. O. M.
Receives 31 march, 2017
"Hi, Mr. Bernachon I'm glad you put on Chopin's Night 20 course. I visualized both courses quickly. Superbly explained, I hope there will be more classes ( our note : now it is 18 lessons) . That this is only the beginning of the course. Thank you and see you soon. P. "

Received on November 15, 2016

 "I'm really satisfied with your method. I walk at my own pace, without stress! I have a pleasure to play, in my small way!

Everything is really well explained: I progress in reading notes, I can resume score as many times as necessary and at any time!

thank you so much. My subscription has ended but I will move the end of December and I will be little available.

As soon as I Annecy I think resume hoping that it will work!

I hope to very soon "

Received November 1, 2015

"Hello Dear

Your courses are excellent, I have identified at the start of a notebook to make it more convenient to my piano and I'm on lesson 19, I advance slowly but surely. With even all congratulations on your very attractive and progressive pedagogy, we advance without ever being bored. Very nice day to you and your team "piano and internet".

Best regards"

Received October 30, 2015

"Good evening

I cleaned everything (or almost internet) and have stopped me to you through your gentleness and your clarity in teaching (I liked especially the creation of litters). "

Received October 29, 2015

"Hello sir,

Thank you for your response, it remains for me to work even more for the pleasure of learning with you this magnificent score

Best regards "

Received September 8, 2015

"Hello Mr. Bernachon

I just signed up to your piano lessons and I'm on the third lesson.

I wanted to tell you that I am already very happy. Your way to learn piano is very understanding and suitable for beginners like me. You demonstrate great patience sweeping the belief of Professor uncompromising with his rule in hand.

Thanks again."

Received September 1, 2015

"I have recently subscribed and I find you very interesting method. I have another method I probably will continue in parallel but for now I focus on yours. As a beginner (but not quite either) I quickly got over dealing with the first song (Sonatine). "

Received August 27, 2015

"Hello, I have always been passionate about music, and that from a young age, my first salary, I bought a house organ, and I introduced myself to music. But I soon reached my limits. Today I am 60 years old and am retired and I want to take the time to continue. I am passionate about jazz and blues, do you think it will be possible for me to make interpretations (modest) thereafter, for I see your directory contains only classical, knowing Nothing against the classic.

I confess that your method greatly inspires me.

I made an attempt to learning with "..." school on the internet, but the progression in the difficulty was not very consistent and I got stuck.

Thank you in advance for your answer knowing that I am doing a trial period. "

Received August 19, 2015

"Mr. Professor, I stop my classes temporarily during renovations of the house. I will protect my piano against the drywall dust. Be assured of my return to your course as soon as I can find my piano. In the meantime, thank you very much for these courses which I love. You are for me the best teacher I had. For this reason, I praise your course to everyone. So, see you soon and thank you again. "

Received June 28, 2015


Following a change of account number, I would update my bank account on PayPal. Please tell me what to do in order to make the proper transfer of the levy. Thank you very much for your course I assiduously advantage. "

Received June 10, 2015

"Many thanks for your very enlightening answer. Now I understand why I have so many difficulties. I'll let this learning side (editor's note chords). Bravo for the course


Received June 5, 2015

"My contract term arrives late June and I intend to renew it! I could not do without your lessons! :-)))

Could we learn the song beginning that Mr Bernachon plays before each course! ??? I just want to renew the contract but mainly keep the same pieces! I think this is possible after an old email.

ESPECIALLY NOT CHANGE ANYTHING PLEASE !! it's perfect like that !! I enjoy !!

Good evening, cordially '

Received May 20, 2015

" Hello,

Thank you for your quick action and thank you for your site that I find full satisfaction. "

Received May 15, 2015

" Hello,

Very pleased with your progress! That's why I went from a monthly to a half-year subscription.

Cordially, "

Received May 11, 2015

" Hello,

First I want to thank you for your classes that are very well built. They not only bring me the theoretical knowledge, practical but also general knowledge of this instrument for better understanding of the course. I also appreciate your thoroughness and in particular methodology is needed for amateur and self-taught like me. Your explanations are very clear and they allowed me to follow your course without difficulty while French is not my native language ... "

Received April 20, 2015

"A great big thank you ..your method is formidable..bonne day"

Received April 10, 2015

" Hello,

My opinion is that far and that after eight years of piano study, no teacher that you pay more or less 30 euros per hour did you provided a pedagogy as you do it so well. Thank you for all this .. "

Received March 24, 2015

"A note to say how happy I am ... your way! I canceled my subscription to "..." when I found your site ... I've learned a lot during the first free session on the internet I had never seen the score from that angle ... I lose me either on the keyboard with your small pipes and I continued for now the Bach prelude while working the 1st lessons .. I already do great progress! the courses are very well done! Thank you ! I am delighted !

Cordially "

Received February 28, 2015



Firstly a big thank you for this method that allowed me to progress a lot from a technical point of view. Having started with the synthesizer when I was young, I never got the basics of piano and now I get to play error-free working, which is very encouraging. I am very interested to touch right now, and here's my question ... "

Received December 4, 2014

"Good evening,

How quickly and efficiency, now it works! thank you very much"

Received December 1, 2014

"Hello, this note to express my contentment. Indeed, I have had during my six years of study with five professors and although they have made me knowledge, I must note against my will, in the end I did not so much progress, this is because, no doubt, that during hour 35 € is not enough to get what I discover in your lessons thank youtube for introducing me to your site and I'm really happy.

Received November 29, 2014


Received your message. I can now view your course directly on my piano which is remote from my computer and I am very happy. Congratulations on your method. This tutorial is great and prefigures the teaching provided by the internet to find teachers like you. "

Received November 27, 2014

"..D'abord Congratulations because your classes are very well made and allowed me to make rapid progress ..."

Received November 5, 2014

"Thank you, I see you just unlock my access to the course

I also want to say that if I am back to you is that I enjoyed particularly calm and very soothing at the same time the rigor with which you present them a few lessons that I had gained. I learned the piano essentially only after a somewhat traumatic experience of the conservatory when I was a kid and I need it now: to take the basics very gradually, in order (particularly in terms of decryption), to restructure my learning without stress or pressure. I realized that music was very important for my balance. I continued to work alone for a year, when I could. And if there had this mutation that disrupted a bit organizing my daily for several months, I would have pursued your lessons last year ...

Best regards "

Received October 23, 2014

"Hi team piano lessons" Bernachon "I found my username is memory that takes a vacation sometimes. I started the course; I am the fourth, and I find these courses great and very motivating.

I better memorizes the notes on the staff, and when I unearthed an easy score, I can play more watching the partition piano keys. After four videos, I start, but I see the need for courses and training. We would like to know the name and the author of the music played on video outside lessons. "

Received October 19, 2014

"Hello Mr Bernachon, thank you for your work, methodology and pedagogy. I was terrified in my childhood by my piano teacher who had disgusted me this instrument that I liked yet. At 45 I return smoothly thanks to you. "

Received October 18, 2014

" Hello. I'm actually very interested in your method, the preview that I got me be quite, I find very playful approach clear easy to understand learning becomes a game. See you soon. I have a question ... ... Musically. "

Received December 25, 2013

"I agree in September to an annual subscription for your online piano lessons. And I confess that I do not regret it, as they are both captivating, rewarding, motivating, well designed and extremely effective. I can easily imagine the hard work that you had to give upstream. But the reward is there ... Congratulations.

I'm in my third year of piano. My teacher made me start with the method P .... to continue with a second method - particularly daunting - developed by a former Master of piano, in the R ... case it for two years. Actually, this has been a real ordeal for me, if not a real torture. Then came the time of the directory.

Your way of working is the opposite of that which made me work on my teacher. So much so that it became a real drug that I can not move me as the approach is nice. You're never satisfied, you always want more. And on this point, no one is spoiled because they are the exercises, nor even the works of the repertoire that are missing ... "

Received December 23, 2013

"I wish you a Merry Christmas and good holiday season .. Good 2014 ..I would like to thank you for your piano lessons that are excellent. And I'm very happy to be subscribed you. I learned a lot ..and I have a lot of fun to practice ... Best wishes Happy New Year. "

Received December 23, 2013

" Hello. I soon reached the end of the lessons of this level 1. I have just canceled my subscription because I soon reach the end of the lessons of this level 1. I will obviously subscribe to the intermediate level because your method is excellent. Cordially. "

Received December 21, 2013

"As a chorister unfamiliar music, my goal was to acquire the basics of music theory and handling the piano. My goal has been fully achieved by the method, I continue my exercises acquired level. "

Received December 18, 2013

"Hello, Mr Bernachon.

First of all I want to congratulate you for the education you bring on piano lessons. Your method is superb, very well explained. I fully meet these criteria. I finally found a piano teacher at the height of his talent. "

Received November 22, 2013

"Wonderful, thank you, that want more, beautiful course and not easy ... soon. "

Received November 19, 2013

" Thank you very much for your answer. I at least understood that we should not I stay up on the same lesson but I could go to the next while reviewing the achievements.

I also want to say that I am very happy to follow you. Courses delight me. Aesthetics, structure, professionalism. Everything is there. Sincerely "

Received November 7, 2013

"I have great interest in your program and technical education. "

Received October 28, 2013

"This method is good for beginners, advanced view. "

Received October 22, 2013

".. I found your excellent method. "

Received October 6, 2013

" Thank you for your reply.

I took the course yesterday as every night and I finally almost done well on rather slowly.

Against change by all measures is difficult but I work about 1 hour a day and am very motivated and looks forward to playing a small piece. Your course is very well explained and after trying other methods, although a novice, I think I found the method that suits me best. Best regards. "

Received October 2, 2013


I am the method of Mr. Bernachon diligently and pleasure. I'm happy with my progress and especially my reading notes has improved dramatically. "

Received September 20, 2013

"First of all, I wish to congratulate you on this beautifully designed and delivered program. It is a pleasure for me to work the piano. I took over when I was a kid and now I revives. "

Received September 10, 2013

".. Thank you for your intervention, everything works perfectly and I am delighted with my subscription I've tested yesterday. Best regards"

Received August 28, 2013


Loyal and hard (1:30 every night), I would also have access to intermediate level course. I am currently beginner series and second self! Thank you for your reply"

Received August 22, 2013

"I have subscribed since the 11th of this month ... and am amazed by the highly educational aspect of the course; but I intend to write a little later. Right now I have a few questions if I'm not intruding ... "

Received August 20, 2013

"For several months I worked courses from beginner level. I had many years of piano behind me in my youth, and I would now move to the intermediate level.

I must say that I greatly appreciated your being, both for the choice pieces (Bach, Beethoven, Chopin etc ...) for the study method: very slowly at first, not many separate hands, work etc ... the metronome, which allowed me to regain my bases fast enough and especially the desire to continue working despite my age. (74 years !!) Thank you "

Received August 16, 2013

"Hello again,

S.v.p. disregard my previous email (sent there an hour or two). I turned the page, and this time I had access. The availability was not yet established, I forgot your warning that 24 hours could pass before open access.

I was able to re-watch the beginner course one I saw yesterday under free test. Outstanding educational sense and clarity.

As I have behind me a piano year by himself and here a long time (and I am 72 years old!), I'll start from scratch.

Congratulations on this site that seems far surpass anything I had discovered so far on the web.

Yours »

Received August 11, 2013


I am very happy to address the current n0 17, very nice reward for a beginner because I work on a much more rewarding work as small popular or childish traditional partitions. Thank you very much!"

Received August 11, 2013

"I appreciated the method." A.C.

Received August 5, 2013

"Whatever I want to tell you that for a long time I wanted to write to thank you, thanks to the method of Mr. BERNACHON, to 69 years, I realized the dream of my childhood: play piano !!! Every day I train to play songs rather difficult (for a novice who hitherto did not know where was the do, the mid etc ..) I repeat ,! I repeat ,! with great pleasure. thank you again for the ease of your method, and advice. Thank you and see you soon "V.P.

Received August 2, 2013

"I am very happy because I can follow your progress with my iPhone, it's fantastic." J.R.

Received July 29, 2013

"Hey, I have got to say Surely, I enjoy your website. The colors, the structure, the Entire theme, They All get completely Call together. "S.D.

Received July 27, 2013

"Hi, First of all I want to clarify that my termination has no connection with the quality of courses presented on your site. The course seemed to me excellent and I will certainly re-subscribe me in some time.

For now I am unfortunately unable to play (very severe pain in the right hand may be related to an ulnar nerve problem) and so I took over this subscription to examine the course and see if could be an alternative to the course taken last year at the local music school (I had to make the decision quickly to registration problems, hence my early subscription to your site). The verdict is clear, the quality of education you offer is superior and although I regret not having someone to fix my technical errors (that was not my teacher anyway), courses on your Site will suit me, at least until a direct support is essential.

Now about my wishes, I think maybe add a little musical presentation of works would be interesting (a small harmonic analysis, even only as a pdf).

But considering the low cost of subscription, it really is only a suggestion and in no way a criticism.

Sincerely "JL K.

Received July 26, 2013

"Your method is very well done and very enjoyable" N.C.

Received July 22, 2013

"Thank you for your excellent progress" P. L.

Received July 18, 2013