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On this page you will find two piano lessons from beginners course; the "beginner" level on our site covers a period of up to 2 years (63 lessons) learning piano and is not intended for only beginners.  Anyone who wishes to return to the piano after a break or longer, students wishing to improve their theory, relearning how to use the pedal or just want to relearn the basics of the classical piano, will be interested by this level.  The monthly or annual subscription "beginner" includes  includes 63 lessons, thus series 1, 2 and 3 at present.  French course  includes series 1,2,3,4 and 5 or 124 lessons ( up to first 3 years of piano learning). If you are interested by music theory and solfeggio only, you can go for our "solfeggio subscription". It includes first 17 lessons mainly oriented toward solfeggio learning, as well as illimited acces to our solgeggio applications online : Solf'APLY and Solf'MEMO.

Lesson n° 1 from The Bernachon Method, classical piano lessons :

The Bernachon method offers professional quality piano lessons at a low cost, that also allows you to learn the piano at home at your own pace. The author of the method, in his desire to offer everyone a quality education at an affordable price, goes beyond and gives you your first five piano lessons free. Now can enjoy four free piano lessons from the beginner’s series here. Due to a large number of visitors on this page we have exported the videos of these piano lessons on to Youtube. If you want to view in HD we recommend you watch it directly on Youtube.

Lesson n° 26 from The Bernachon Method, classical piano lessons :

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