The Bernachon method and his concept

Why we teach piano online ?


You want to learn the piano or get lessons for your child. Frequently asked questions are usually:

How to find a good teacher?

Group or private lessons?  

Should the teacher come to you or should you go to them?

Classical piano, or jazz or modern one?

How much it will cost?

Through this site Frederic Bernachon and the team of the site are trying to bring a reply to all these questions and needs.

In a large city it is always possible to find a skilled teacher at a good level, as long as there’s space and if you can pay the price. In general, private piano lessons with a good teacher are very costly and for this reason they aren’t accessible to everyone. Talk about classical music elitism. It is the same problem for students in music academies (at least in France). Even if it is free to study in these institutions, many of the students take private lessons outside of their classes. The situation can be even more complex in a small town or in a rural area. It is often very difficult to find a good teacher nearby.

The Frederic BERNACHON method is one of the first 100% online video methods with the goal to meet the needs of all students wishing to learn classical piano for the first time, from adults wanting to enjoy classical music to children who dream of becoming a prodigy.  The method’s goal is to bring quality piano courses to everyone at an affordable cost. This method can also compliment any training students may be taking with their academy or private piano courses.

Frederic BERNACHON, creator of the method, classical pianist and experienced teacher, has shared his passion for the piano with many of his students for more than 30 years. He has dedicated a large part of his life to teaching, and current technological progress has enabled him to finally share his knowledge with a larger audience. This unique, original, classical piano teaching method is based upon his vast piano experience and personal teaching experience accumulated over the years, and acquired through meetings and exchanges with today’s grandest classical piano masters. He was a student and get the 1st Prix in Classical Piano of Strasbourg Conservatory, aslo was a student of Gerard Fremy and Aldo Ciccolini, both known pianists and teachers of piano. As an interpreter, Frederic BERNACHON is passionate about the history of performed works and often provides commentary on them, opening up a touching, accessible world of classical music to his audience.

aldo ciccolini