Piano course: solfeggio - deciphering - scales lecture

beginner, intermediate and advanced level  

Solfeggio is extremely important for the classical piano. On the other hand, it is false to say that we cannot play piano without solfeggio. It is possible to play simple, modern songs on ear, or make improvisation. However, not classical piano. Classical piano presents one main difficulty when it comes to deciphering a score. Classical scores are complex and need perfect sight reading, and deciphering. Therefore, it is a very important part of our course.  Our piano lessons integrate solfeggio and sight-reading lessons for piano.

The solfeggio lessons for the beginner’s level are available on the specific page dedicated to beginners.  The above video is a sight-reading lesson for advanced-level piano students. Starting from the beginner level we learn sight reading. First 17 lessons of our beginner course are mostly dedicated to solfeggio, scores reading, notes understanding. This part is completed by our online solfeggio applications Solf'APLY and Solf'MEMO. It will help you to work on your music reading, understanding and memorisation in interactive mode.  You can read here more about our online applications, or if you have iPAD try start level version of our free solgeggio app on your iPAD.

Intermediate (from 3 years of piano) and Advanced ( from 6 years ) course of piano are not yet available in English version. However, you can have a look on our advanced sight reading course below (in French).    It consists of a sequence of 19 lessons. If you would like to know more about rapid deciphering and the utility of sight-reading for classical piano, see also our selection of articles (in English):

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