Classical piano course for itermediate students

How to play piano : Turkish March, Mozart

*Course available only in French

The piano lesson on Mozart’s Turkish March is designed for the intermediate level. This series of piano lessons consists of 9 lessons including a piano lesson on the interpretation. There are more than 3 hours of explanation and teaching of piano including 45 video sequences grouped into 9 lessons on the  Turkish March  of Mozart.

The video on the introduction (the work and the course of piano) is available below:

The Turkish March is the third movement of sonata number 11 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, K331, in a A major key. It’s a very well known piano piece, frequently played by piano students. It is an important step in learning classical piano.

It’s a piece of piano that is sufficiently technical, a passage particularly difficult for students is found in the broken octaves. Contrary to what one might think, it’s not a piece that one plays very quickly: many pianists have a tendancy to play too rapidly that that makes the Turkish March lose a bit of its spirit.