Classical piano course for beginners

How to play piano starting from zero ( four free lessons)

Piano lesson number 1, The Bernachon Méthod :

 The beginner’s level in our piano lessons is designed for both : students who have never played piano and for students who have already practiced piano for up to 2 years (63 piano lessons).  This level consists of 3 series of lessons and illimited acces to our solfeggio applications. All, that is available according to your subscription program.  This level is of considerable interest for those who are starting piano but also for “false beginners”, students who wish to improve, students interested in understanding and deepening solfège for piano, to acquire solid bases in classical piano and also for piano students wishing to complete their learning in a conservatory or preparing to join one.

Among other things we will study sevral number of musical pieces like :

Sonatine Adam

Allegro of Latour


Bach's Prelude

Mozart Sonata KV 545 in C Major

Trio from the 3d Sonata of Beethoven

Chopin's Prelude n 4

Bourée of Georg Philipp Telemann

Haendel's Largo

On this page we invite you to take four piano lessons: piano lesson n° 1 to piano lesson n°4; it represents your first month of piano learning.

Piano lesson number 2, The Bernachon Méthod :

Piano lesson number 3, The Bernachon Méthod :

Piano lesson number 4, The Bernachon Méthod :