Classical piano course for beginners

How to play piano : Chopin's Prelude n°4


Chopin’s Preludes are 24 little pieces; they are all part of Opus 28. Along the name "Prelude" means "introduction", something preliminary, with Chopin each piece is independent and expresses an emotion and a temperament of its own.

For the beginner course in piano, we have selected Prelude number 4 of Frédéric Chopin :

This piece is manageable in its complexity for a piano student with around one year of piano lessons. This composition is distinguished by its depth and its  tenderness, a sentiment shared that can adequately express the musicality of each person. From the point of view of technique, this mini-series of piano lessons will, above all, permit a beginner to work on the independence of the hands. The principle difficulty to succeed at working the right hand loud enough and the left hand soft enough with great regularity. On our site we spend 7 lessons on Chopin’s Prelude number 4 (beginner’s level: piano lessons 47  to 53).