Classical piano course for beginners

How to play piano :Robert Schumann, "The Little etude" (Kleine Studie)

*This course is available only in French

Beginner’s Level, lessons 64-68

“The little etude ” of composer Robert Schumann is part of the “Album for the Young” that he wrote around 1849. It is a perfect example of the romantic movement of that era. We have selected this etude (No 14, op. 68) for the beginner’s level (lessons 64 to 68), because while remaining relatively simple, Schumann’s little étude provides practice in playing arpeggios with both the left and right hands simultaneously. Schumann’s little étude will help piano students learn to play the notes together  (3 notes at the same time) at the same time as they learn their hand position on the keyboard. Particular attention will be given to the independence of the hands in the interpretation lessons: loud and soft for the right hand, and very even and regular for the left hand.